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Ethiopia- Anesthesiology: 9.022736, 38.746799
Bahgdad - Medicine: 33.350995, 44.437061
Ghana - Pathology: 7.946527, -1.023194
Rwanda - SPH: -1.950106, 30.058769
Cape Town - SPH: -33.924869, 18.424055
Belize - CON: 17.189877, -88.497650
Panjachel, Guatemala - Dentistry: 14.740611, -91.159417
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -Dentistry: -6.822921, 39.269661
Guangzhou, China - Dentistry: 23.129163, 113.264435
Moshi, Tanzania - GHI: -3.334883, 37.340381

Kosovo and Tajikistan

Migration adversely affects people, particularly as it contributes to mental and physical illness. Kosovo and Tajikistan are two of the world's highest migrant sending countries. This program will train researchers and build local networks that will ultimately create local experts in non-communicable diseases and physical and mental health issues for imigrants.


Flag of Ukraine

We maintain the “UIC Louise Hamilton Data Management Center” in Kyiv to support and manage our in-country studies. For the past 15 years, we have been supported by an NIH Fogarty grant for “International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health” and by a U.S. National Cancer Institute contract for “Data Management for the


flag of India

The Center for Global Health is collaborating with M S Ramaiah on developing a robust, independent, bone marrow transplant program at the HCG MSR Cancer Centre to deliver cost effective therapy, train staff and conduct future research.


Flag of Nepal

The University of Illinois at Chicago and the Binaytara Foundation have partnered to develop Nepal’s first blood and marrow transplant unit and to organize the country’s first international conference on blood cancers.   Stem cell transplantation, a standard procedure for the treatment of many blood cancers in developed countries, is not yet offered in Nepal.


Flag of Peru

Yantalo is a village located in the Peruvian Amazon in the province of Alto Mayo with a population of approximately 4000. Since 2005, Dr. Vasquez has been recruiting volunteer healthcare professionals and fundraising to create a sustainable hub of clinical care, health education and research. The UIC Center for Global Health works with Dr. Vasquez,


Flag of Haiti

Project: Community Engagement in Disaster Risk Reduction Since the earthquake in 2010, Dr. Janet Lin has been continuing work in Haiti to improve the capacity of the citizens of Haiti to respond to disasters by understanding risks and hazards and reducing vulnerabilities, primarily at the community level. Disaster Risk Reduction is “The concept and practice


Flag of Senegal

This project, a collaboration between the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine, the UIC School of Public Health, the District of Saraya, Senegal, and Peace Corps Senegal, utilized the Global Community Health Collaborative (GCHC) model was intended to positively impact global health disparities by specifically addressing the global burden of disease, the global shortage


Flag of Uganda

Building capacity in sustainable emergency care systems in resource-limited settings that traditionally have lacked these services. Our current projects in Uganda include: Center for Global Health Partnership with Engeye Health Emergency Care Systems Development Using a Task Shifting Model in Rural Uganda Engeye Health Clinic Partnership Engeye Health Clinic (EHC) in Ddegeya Village, Uganda is

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